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Port Abidjan, open to navigation since July 1950, thanks to the digging of the Tridi canal, has since then experienced a remarkable growth to position itself as the HUB PORT of the West African coast. To maintain this growth, Abidjan Port Authority Agents have benefited from continuous professional training supported by participation in numerous high-level scientific seminars and congresses. Several services have acquired expertise in the execution of their tasks, given the level of infrastructure and superstructure equipment of Port Abidjan.
As such we can mention:
  • Studies of building infrastructure projects
  • Feasibility studies and dry port implementations
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Economic studies and statistics
  • Maintenance dredging and backfilling
  • Management of the port domain/li>
  • The development of the bidding documents and procurement procedures
  • Port computing
  • Billing and collection
  • The organization of seminars, professional training courses

This policy of skills development and capacity building led to the creation of the Autonomous Port of Abidjan Training Center (CF-PAA) on April 02, 1992.

Since then, this training center approved by the FDFP under the n ° FDFP-CG / 2017/0101 / REN / TBL / KK / kt, has organized and animated more than five thousand (5000) training sessions, with in average five hundred (500) trained agents per year. It offers staff skills that have made the AAP, today, a port of reference in Africa and an important expertise in several maritime and port areas.

In an effort to share experiences, the CF-PAA opened on the outside in 2009. Thus it makes available to its partners, port DE the AGPAOC, civil engineering design offices, maritime and port companies, a wide range of training modules tailored to their specific needs, developed by PAA expert and external consultants

This formation of proximities and qualities has many advantages that consist of:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Adapted training to the economic and social realities of sub-Saharan countries
  • Strengthen South-South Cooperation
  • Develop African integration
Training catalog

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Download the catalog