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Fishing terminal

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The Fishing Harbour stretches from berth n° 14 to berth n° 16 over an area comprising 200,000 m of bonded open storage and 8000 m2 non customs area. Over 600,000 tons of sea products including 250,000 tons of tuna are handled yearly along 1522m long quay.
The fishing Harbour platform is subdivided in two areas comprising :

  • An industrial fishing area dedicated to foreign boats, equipped with :
    • 1110m quay ;
    • 6 to 9 m draught ;
    • 3 mooring buoys ;
    • A capacity of 15 vessels in simultaneous commercial operations ;
    • 21 000 m² open storage for the repair of fishing nets


  • A fresh fishing area dedicated to local fishing with :
    • 412 m quay and 4 to 5.5 m draught.

The Fishing terminal is also equipped :

  • 7860 m² sorting and auction hall ;
  •  70 000 t cold stores ;
  • Three (03) large sea products processing units;
  • One (1) ice factory of 130 tons capacity/ day ;
  • One (1) fishing net producing unit ;
  • One (1) fish meal production unit;
  • Two (2) main shipyards are available for vessels ;
  • Hotels and restaurants are available for fishermen ;
  • High performing dock workers;
  • Quayside amenities ( water, electricity, gas , oil).


The three canning units products 60000 tons cans and loins and employ 3000 people.

About fifteen authorized import companies operate in the industry and rely on a network of cold stores of about 70000 tons capacity.

These facilities enable the Abidjan port to attract many operators of the industry.
To enable the fishing harbour to receive ship calls and facilitate transit of sea products in optimum security and rapidity, the General Management of Abidjan Port Authority intends to rehabilitate and upgrade it.

The project provides for :
The construction and the equipment of a 450 m long and 160 m large pier with 8 to 10 m draught ;
The development of a 19 ha industrial area on reclaimed land and the pier to be built.

Thus in the end, the fishing harbour will be able to handle all types of fishing boats, improve working conditions of operators in the industry and make available additional space for the setting up of industries.


Manager Company

Côte d’Ivoire
BP V85 Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire
+225 21 21 23 80 80
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Société d'Etat au capital de
100 000 000 000 FCFA
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