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Commitment for the environment

Improve energy efficiency by:

  • Regular monitoring of our own electricity consumption and reduction of consumption by 25% by 2020
  • Regular monitoring of our own consumption and reduction of consumption by 15% by 2020:
  • Minimizing all the waste factors by carrying out the water network rehabilitation work
  • The installation of electronic and electrical equipment for energy saving on the sites and the progressive installation of valves 6 variable flow
  • The valorisation of a new source of energy available: renewable energy.

Master our consumables consumption by:

  • The use of computer systems such as the Internet. Outlook and Workflow
  • The promotion of the paperless principle to reduce the volume of prints and consequently the consumption of ink and paper by 10% by 2020.

Implement the selective sorting of our wastes in order to reduce the discharge and their impact on the environment by:

  • The promotion of the 3Rs (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle) waste theory
  • The permanent search for a recycling and disposal sector, as far as possible. cies industrial waste banols (DIB)
  • The treatment and conditioning of inert waste, according to precise and. conformernent 6 regulation, special industrial waste (DIS)
  • .

Identify the major risks and implement the means for:

  • Understand and manage emergencies in accordance with the developed POI that defines the roles and responsibilities of each. the march and the means to implement
  • Develop and implement a strategic risk management watch at the Port.
  • Promote education for sustainable development in all AAP departments.