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Container terminal

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Port of Abidjan
Port of Abidjann

A modern and well-equipped container terminal with

  • 1000 meters & nbsp; Dock Linear;
  • 11.50 meters Draft;
  • 5 berths;
  • 34 hectares of land for the container park ;
  • 6 quayside gantry cranes with a capacity of 40-60 tons ;
  • 16 gantry cranes (RTG) & nbsp; with a capacity of 40 tons ;
  • 3 platform cranes (GOTTWALD) & nbsp; with a capacity of 100 tons;
  • 7 PPM / SVETRUCK machines with a capacity of 32 to 45 tonnes;
  • 44 RORO tractors with a capacity of 40 tonnes;
  • 1 GPS assisted container management system.


The quality of the services provided at the container terminal is reflected in a triple certification, namely & nbsp;:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001

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The services offered by the container terminal

Created in the framework of the Container Terminal Concession Agreement signed on October 23rd, 2003 with the Abidjan Port Authority, Abidjan Terminal is a Société Anonyme whose purpose is the Management and Exploitation of the Container Terminal of Abidjan Terminal. Vridi in compliance with the obligations and public service requirements imposed on it by the said Convention.

This particularity makes Abidjan Terminal close to its customers and the Port Authority with whom it shares the same concern for performance and the same competitiveness requirement. Thus, Abidjan Terminal has modern equipment and competent staff to be able to guarantee services that meet the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties.

In accordance with the operating regulations of the Vridi Container Terminal and the provisions of the ISPS Code, Abidjan Terminal provides the following services

  • receipt and delivery of containers for import, transhipment and export;
  • control, storage, container monitoring on the container yard;
  • unloading and loading of container vessels, including shifting and transhipment of containers;
  • providing information and documents associated with interested parties;
  • maintenance of the infrastructure and tools of the container terminal.

Infrastructure Details

Designation: RTG - Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes Nombre: 16 Tonnage: 40 tonnes
Designation: Super stackers Nombre: 13 Tonnage: 45 tonnes
Designation: Stackers Nombre: 6 Tonnage: 40 tonnes
Designation: Chariots élévateurs Nombre: Tonnage: 01 de 32 tonnes; 06 de 16 tonnes; 01 de 15 tonnes; 02 de 12 tonnes; 01 de 04 tonnes
Designation: Tug masters Nombre: 45 Tonnage: 40 tonnes
Designation: Remorques cornerless Nombre: 55 Tonnage: 40 tonnes

Manager Company

Logo Abidjan Terminal
Côte d’Ivoire
05 BP 3352 Abidjan 05
+225 21 21 21 77 90
+225 21 21 21 77 77

Abidjan Terminal